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How to turn your Home’s Dead Zones/Spots into a Range WiFi Booster Place with Netgear?


While we are all waiting for this coronavirus pandemic to be over, most of us are also tired of struggling with Weak/ Dead signal spots in our homes. Because of this issue we are bound to one room or corner of the house for most of the time as it’s the only place with a decent network and if we move, we will lose the connection. This can be highly inconvenient especially when you are living with kids in your house.

Working from home, this has been my biggest struggle. If you are also living with your family you might be able to relate because as much as you love them, you need a quiet place when you are working and if there’s only 1 or 2 rooms where the signal is good, everyone is going to be in that room. Thankfully, I was able to get rid of this problem when I got Netgear extender.

This article is here to tell you how a Netgear extender can transform the dead/weak network spots in your house into Wifi boosted spots.

  • Extending the range of your wi-fi

An extender captures the signals broadcasted by your existing Netgear router and rebroadcasts those signals into the other parts of your house. It is placed between your router and the network dead spot so it can extend the range of your wi-fi to reach even the network dead spots. Extending the range of your wi-fi allows you to roam freely to different rooms of your house in order to work quietly away from any distractions.

  • Minimize Connection Drop

Before getting the Netgear extender I used to have a lot of connection drop issues especially when I would leave the room to check on kids or working while cooking etc. But now due to the Netgear range extender there are significantly minimal connection drops because the signal is rebroadcasted by the extender in a way that I get consistent signal by the extender. 

  • Eliminate network dead spots

Only getting one network extender was not enough for eliminating all the dead spots in my house as I have a big house but if you have a smaller house then one extender might be enough to eliminate all the dead spots in your house. It is a great way to eliminate network dead spots in your house as you don’t have to get another router to extend the range. I would recommend getting minimum two extenders if you have more than four big rooms in your home.

  • Requires no additional wiring 

Initially I thought getting an extender might mean more wiring but Netgear extender does not require any additional wiring. You can simply pug it anywhere and move it easily anywhere in the house. Of course, for best results you should strategically place it in the center where it has strong reach from your router and strong reach to network dead spot in the house.

  • Relatively easy setup

In the starting I thought there might be a complicated setup process for the extender but it was relatively very easy to setup. You just have to connect the laptop with this router’s wifi network and access to login. Now I can enjoy high-speed internet even in the basement and the 2nd floor of my house.

I totally recommend getting a Netgear extender if you are also tired of sidestepping network dead spots every time you have to work, stream videos or even playing games online. If you have any questions about the best extender brands, let me know in the comments.

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