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How to wager online casino bonuses?

One of the most pressing questions among gamblers is how to win online casino bonus back? If you have ever played online casino games, you may know that there are various bonuses and lucrative offers for players.

Sometimes players get confused with the types of bonuses. But the most important question is how to win those bonuses back. If you are one of those or just want to learn more about online casino bonuses, please check out Material prepared by Showlion team.

The main types of online casino bonuses

Online casinos offer various types of promotions and bonus programs. The most popular bonuses are of the following types.

No-deposit bonus

No-deposit bonus does not require you to put any money on your account. Most often, these bonuses are provided to new players after registration. But regular players can also receive such bonuses.

The main advantages:

  • no payment needed;
  • no need for instant account replenishment.

However, there are several disadvantages:

  • small amount;
  • tough wager requirements;
  • low maximum winnings;
  • the need to make a deposit to withdraw bonus if wagered back;
  • sometimes territorial restrictions applied.

Is it worth?

Since there is no risk for the player, you should accept no-deposit online casino bonuses. However, if you manage to meet the wagering conditions, you will need to deposit your personal account to withdraw the winnings. And the deposited money, as a rule, can be withdrawn only after a certain period of time.

First deposit bonus

As you can guess from its name, first-deposit bonuses are designed for those players who just begin playing. As a rule, first deposit online casino bonus is awarded as a player replenishes his account for the first time. They usually have percentage terms and maximum limit. For example, 50% first deposit bonus of up to 100 dollars.

Main advantages:

  • Possible additional funds at the beginning of the game;
  • Pleasant amounts;
  • Several prizes at once;


  • Wager requirements are quite tough;
  • Additional restrictions are also possible;
  • Available exclusively to new players

Is it worth?

Each case should be considered separately, depending on the specific conditions. Attention should be paid to the percentage term, the maximum amount, wagering requirements, available games, etc.

Reload bonus

Reload bonuses are offered to regular players. They are allocated on deposits every week, month, or randomly. They can also be assigned to individual players, by the decision of the casino administration.


  • provided regularly;
  • friendly wager requirements.


  • small amount;
  • need to be wagered.

Is it worth?

As in the previous case, before making a decision, you should carefully read the terms and conditions.

High roller bonus

High roller bonuses are VIP online casino bonuses that are provided to players for depositing a large amount of money.


  • big payouts;
  • moderate wager conditions;
  • additional features for regular players.

The main disadvantage is the low payout percentage win.

Is it worth taking?

If you are going to play big, this promotion is a good option. However, before making a decision, it is required to compare it with other standard offers. Perhaps, their conditions will be more advantageous for you.

Personal bonus

Online casinos can offer customers individual bonuses. Often they are provided to regular customers whom the casino does not want to lose. Also, such offers are often made to players who have not visited the site for a long time.

The main advantage is the additional money for the game.

Is it worth taking?

The terms of these offers are not always beneficial and outstanding, so you should get acquainted with them in advance. 

What are the pitfalls?

When exploring the conditions of bonus programs and terms of other promotions, you should pay attention to some common pitfalls:

  • Limited territorial access – you can’t participate in the program if you live in a particular country or region;
  • Impossible to participate in several programs at once;
  • Automatic allocation – when filling in the registration form, it is sometimes necessary to manually check or uncheck the boxes on the automatic allocation of online casino bonuses;
  • Wagering models – find out in advance which games are suitable for fulfilling the requirements of a wager (for example, some wagers do not take into account the bets on poker or other card games);
  • Minimum wager amount suitable for wagering;
  • Bonus period – for what time it is required to fulfill the conditions of the wager. 

The main task here is to thoroughly study the rules and conditions of a particular bonus program. You can ask any questions by contacting the casino support.

The main methods of bonus wagering

The optimal program of successful wagering of bonuses consists of several main stages:

  1. The choice of the most suitable program, with bonuses, which you can play without any difficulties. After you have chosen a safe and profitable online casino, read the rules of all the proposed programs proposed by a particular institution. The best bonus is usually the most attractive for players. However, wager requirements should also be considered. You must be completely sure that you will win the bonus for a given period of time;
  1. Making a large deposit. Once you have decided on a suitable payment system, you can make the first deposit. Experienced players recommend immediately putting a large amount of money. This is required in order to maximize the amount of bonus funds and effectively use them. You can choose a program to promote the first deposit, or a few first deposits;
  1. Choose the most profitable terms for wagering, as well as the games are included in wagering conditions. Thus, you will be able to recoup in the shortest possible time and meet the deadlines, if they are limited;

You should not withdraw money from the account after the first wagering – it is better to continue to play actively in the same casino. A reckless withdrawal request may hinder the fulfillment of the conditions of the wager and you may lose the deposit, as many online casinos perceive it as a fraud.

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