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How Top Nanotechnology companies are contributing to fight against Covid-19 in India

The size of one nano particle is one billionth of a metre, which is approximately thousand times smaller than the width of human hair. Making new things at this incredibly small scale is called Nanotechnology, and is the most exciting and fast-moving area of science today. By re-arranging the atoms of an object, the scientists can make new nanomaterials with new properties. Such materials can be stronger, lighter or different in colour than their parent material. Their properties too change according to their size and this is the magic of nanotechnology. Even as rapid advancement has been made in the field globally, a few Indian companies too have been functioning in the domain, empowering different sectors significantly. Let’s take a look at 5 Indian nanotechnology companies that are doing it right.

Ad-Nano Technologies: Based in Karnataka’s Shivamogga, Ad-Nano technologies is into manufacturing of nanomaterials, and further deals in Research and Development programmes to provide innovative systems by introducing nanotechnology in it. Some of its sought-after products include Carbon Nanotubes and its variants, Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and graphene, along with its variants. Apart from these, the company also provides Nanomaterials Analytical Services. They boast of offering accurate analysis related to nano materials characterisation. Some of its flagship products, launched in the wake of Covid-19, are Cowin guard floor, Cowin guard curtains and Cowin guard material sheet for PPE kits.

Nanomatrix Materials: One of the latest entrants in the segment, Nanomatrix Materials is among the few Indian companies that work on manufacturing of graphene and its integration into application and value added propositions from across different industries. The Jaipur-based startup, founded by a group of experts from the graphite industry, is a nano and advanced material manufacturer which uses proprietary disruptive graphene technology and its integration into smart publications. The company partners with industry players in the domains such as filtration, polymer, construction, energy and textiles to solve their unique challenges through the power of Nanotechnology. They recently developed a graphene-silver membrane that not just prevents but kills coronavirus within seconds.

Bee Chems: Founded in 1972, Bee Chems claims to be the first Indian company to manufacture colloidal silica and make active desiccants & eco-friendly silica gel. According to the company, Nano Chemistry and silicates were its founding pillars. They are into production of grades and varieties of all nano and colloidal inorganic sols and silicates such as colloidal silica, nano silica, colloidal alumina, titania, zirconia sols & sodium, potassium, lithium silicates and calcium silicates. The company is based in Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh.

E-Spin Nanotech: The company claims to be a one-stop destination for Nanofiber Technology and its commercial product development. Founded almost a decade ago, E-Spin Nanotech is one of India’s leading high-tech enterprises for manufacturing high quality and cost-effective multi-functional nanofibers. It boasts of revolutionizing the prospects of nanofibers with a series of advanced electrospinning units specifically designed to meet sophisticated prerequisites of research organization and industries. Besides, they also provide nanotechnology consultancy services. The company was incubated by Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre at IIT Kanpur.


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