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How trends are changing in matrimonial site

The concept of an arranged marriage has been prevalent since ancient times in India. However, the advent of online sites has escalated the growth of matrimonial sector exponentially since the last two decades. And there has been no looking back, as the revenue from this fledgling industry is expected to reach INR 20.6 billion by 2020, as per a report by Ken Research Pvt. Ltd.

Now, with number of India’s internet users expecting to reach 627 million by 2019 end (which is a remarkable double-digit growth), the online matrimonial sector has no place to go but forward. This ease of internet and availability of affordable mobiles have brought in new trends in the sector. Saurabh Goswami, Director-Founder of Ultra Rich Match, says, “We constantly keep on updating our deliverables to keep up with the rapidly changing online matrimonial demands of youth and parents alike”.

  1. Numerous choices: The sole reason for the growth of online matrimonial is that people have become extremely busy and do not want to waste time on physical bio-data files. Online websites provide a plethora of choices to both parents and the prospects to find matches suiting their requirements. Thus, more and more people are registering on online portals rather than on offline marriage bureaus, consequently increasing the choices.
  2. Increase in Mobile Applications:   97% of Indian internet users are mobile users. This has led to increase in mobile applications by the matrimonial companies, so that they are able to provide best services on the go to the fast and restless youth of today. These applications are easy to use, do not take up much space and provide flexibility to their users.
  3. Development of niche sites: One of the most prominent trends which has come up is the advent of Niche sites. For example, some sites provide services to a specific caste only or solely within a particular city / state. Further, there are sites which provide services to only high-income professionals, or to the rich-business / industrialist families only, like Ultra Rich Match. This trend has become more relevant these days, as people are giving priority to opting for partners with similar education level or an equal lifestyle.
  4. Increased importance to Security and Confidentiality: Genuine matrimonial site users are looking for online services which respect their confidentiality. These websites are the ones which provide verified profiles only, either personally or through documents.

5.       Demand for exclusivity: The demand for exclusive assistance within the online services have also increased recently as the youth do not want to waste time in unnecessarily sifting through numerous profiles.

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