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How values of entrepreneurship and community service begin from Childhood

We are living in a world which is constantly changing and fairly challenging. The one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that innovation, compassion, and good leadership are the most important tools we need as a society to maintain peace and balance in the world. Because as we move forward, the challenges are going to be tougher and we need to raise a generation with an equally resilient mindset to be able to find solutions to the unprecedented problems humanity has faced yet. The way our world is shaping, creating original and creative entities which can solve the problems of the masses while creating opportunities for society as well is going to be crucial for the future generation to cope with the rapid changes. Hence the wave of entrepreneurship and community service has already hit the world. But is it easy to become an entrepreneur in this highly competitive world? Absolutely not!

For the Millenials caught up in this wave, it’s like a mammoth mountain of challenges which most of us want to climb but only a few of us are capable of climbing. 80% of the blame for this situation can be given to the rotten education system and the risk averting mindset we all grew up with. Imagine if we all were taught since childhood not to be afraid of failures, take risks, not to seek comfort, think creatively and much more, would it still be that difficult for us? I guess not. Entrepreneurship is not just about building a money business but creating value for the betterment of society. And to be an entrepreneur you don’t need to go to a business school, but to learn skills at the school of life!

We have great examples of such inspiring youngsters around us already. Inspired by a visit to an NGO during school, two young kids of the eighth standard, Priyanshu Singhal and Stuti Singhal initiated Liberal Minds intending to help underprivileged children earn money by selling handmade art and craft products. The money earned by the sales is used for the education and essential needs of the children. Initially, they started selling the products by putting up stalls at various marketplaces around the city, which helped them gain visibility for the products but so it was not enough. They realized that with the help of technology, they can increase their visibility exponentially. Gaining knowledge of the internet, they launched an e-commerce website that displays all the variety of products made by kids and provides a platform for the products to reach a nationwide market. With the help of the website, they have been able to help a much larger number of underprivileged kids.

The website sells handmade products made by underprivileged kids and women. The Liberal Minds is also currently working with jail inmates who create floor mats and artefacts cotton and jute to sew rugs. At the same time, they are also being conscious of environmental harms and attempt to use waste raw materials such as discarded fabrics to create new usable and premium quality products. They still put up stalls and uses other ways to be able to boost sales, however, the main platform remains to be this website. Until now, they have been able to successfully support 12 children’s education in the last 5 years. At just the age of 17, Priyanshu and Stuti have such high aspirations and motivation to provide a better life to the underprivileged children in society. They show us that good intentions and actions need no age bar.

If we don’t want our next generation to not face the same problems that we are, we need to build important skills and values in childhood. The first thing that is most crucial for us to cultivate in our kids is compassion and empathy. Although kids are naturally kind and caring it’s the conditioning that happens while growing up that generates unpleasant feelings like jealousy and self-centeredness. We should reinforce the values of kindness and empathy which helps to create emotional awareness and become a good leader. Other skills and values such as leadership, self-confidence and awareness, a strong sense of ethics and integrity, willingness to fail, curiosity to learn, creative and innovative thinking, good social skills and much more should be taught at home and school since childhood.

If the energy, curiosity and motivation of such young kids are pushed in the right direction at the right time, the world would be a better place. Young minds are flexible with no limitations or inhibitions. They can learn more easily and teach more impactfully. So instead of putting fear and doubts in our kids, let’s fill them with all the values which will help them live a more fulfilling life.

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