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How venturing into kids segments is a thoughtful decision!

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Hide n seek, lock n key, cycling and hop-scotch – we have all spent a childhood that included wandering across the streets and playing anywhere and anytime. And until the call of the mothers forced us to, we didn’t return home! But unfortunately the time has changed!

With the growth of technology and the lack of simplicity in lives, not enough children are able to get free spaces to play. And considering the busy lifestyles of people, kids are left to spend more time watching television, wandering around the house or just resorting to indoor games.

Activity for kids is very essential to keep them growing and developing! To give them the right environment of play and fun, it is important to craft an environment which promises safety and growth. Venturing into the world of kid segments like play-halls, adventure zones, and indoor play parks are essential for the emerging life of the little wonders.

Active and healthy life

Everyone needs an active and healthy life. While we have our activities and health in our own hands, for the kids it’s pretty much dependent on us. A kids play park promises to create and active lifestyle for the kids keeping an eye onto their needs. With physical and emotional health into concern, Happy Planet kids play park focuses on creating an environment that lets the little ones indulge into activities freely. There is freedom to play with unlimited toys like trampoline, slides, tunnels and more without having any barrier to it.

Development of social skills

Staying at home brings no social connection. And it can challenge a child’s ability to interact with others. Kids activity centers bring children of all ages together into an arena where they are free to talk, share toys, connect and be friends. This helps them talk to new people and develop social skills. For one to be able to progress in life, social connection is pre-emptive!

New creative ideas to monger on!

Fairytales, cartoons, etc enhance a child’s ability to imagine and create. When there is a play area that is dedicated to visionary inspiration to lend to the child, they are bound to think beyond the normal. Kids learn to be more creative, curious and expressive in a comfortable learning environment. Moreover, it helps them experience the freedom of selecting hobbies and art!

Safety – is the key!

Play areas specifically designed for the kids have furniture, toys and tools that are safe and secure for the kids. They are colourful and comforting for the kids. As compared to the outside world, here there is no traffic, safety hazards, toxic people or unsafe environment to fight with.

While parents might stay busy, the kids shouldn’t miss out on their childhood. A kids segment is important to give to the kids their active and happy childhood in its most natural form.

A kid segment like Happy Plant allows you to sip on your coffee and unwind somewhere in the lobby, lending your child a chance to enjoy the perks of being a child!

By: Mr. Nimish Kenia, Co-Founder Happy Planet

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