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How Video Animation Can Improve Website Traffic

We’ve heard the phrase, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ but what about animation? Is it worth more or less? The rising use of video in digital marketing suggests it is an excellent way to grasp the viewers’ attention and boost traffic to your site.

Video has grown to be an indispensable component of marketing to drive traffic, conversions, and improve engagement. Moreover, it is also an opportunity for brands to connect with their audience on an emotional level.

So, if you’re still wondering whether to hire a video animation service provider, the blog is for you. Here you’ll find the different types of videos you can create and how they work to drive traffic, improve conversions, and more.

Types of Video

Unlike other digital products, a video is a malleable form of content. You can shape it to be whatever you want. From motion graphics to whiteboard animations, explainer videos, and more, you can create various animations to deliver a single message.

That said, here are a few types of videos you can create to boost traffic on your website.

  • Product Demos

Product explainer videos are especially beneficial for B2B businesses and e-commerce customers. They can be how to use your product correctly and tips on making the most of it. According to a study by HubSpot, 90% of users claim that product videos are a valuable contribution to their decision-making process.

That said, instead of having a host talk about a products’ benefits, it’s best to ‘show’ people the proper way to use your product and how life is more comfortable after its purchase for the best results. It will enchant users’, making it impossible for them to turn away.

  • Promo Videos

Another way to showcase your brand is through promo videos. Here your creativity is as limitless as your imagination. You can produce engaging videos as a way to connect with your audience on an emotional level, share your brand story, vision, and goals.

Aside from your brand, promo videos are also an excellent opportunity to announce new products or services. You can share these videos with your contacts through social media or other digital channels to create a buzz around the product before its launch and show how it will benefit users. It will guarantee more significant traffic on the launch day and after.

  • Testimonials

Nowadays, buyers are more aware of what they are looking for than before the internet. Thus, brands need to provide proof of why they are worth buying. Video testimonials are an excellent solution in this regard. You can ask your customers to quote their real experiences and the results they had.

People can understand when someone is sincere. Showcasing real customer testimonials will help show your brand as someone that sees people as more than buyers. It will humanize your company, which ensures not only traffic and conversions but also customer loyalty.

That said, make sure the first few seconds of your video are engaging enough for the viewer to watch till the end. Otherwise, your efforts might be fruitless.

  • Whiteboard Animations

To state, whiteboard animations are entertaining. They are fun and attention-grabbing – an ideal way to engage users and convey your message. They also help you stand out from the ever-growing world of video and animation.

Whiteboard animations are often created as explainer videos, but they are also an excellent form of storytelling to share your brand journey or testimonials.

  • Blog-to-Video

Another form of animation is turning your blog content into a video. Since most people are always moving about, video is an excellent way to recreate and reuse your blog content. You can share tips and tricks, product reviews, buying guides, and other blog titles as part of an engaging short video.

How Videos Drive Traffic

Knowing the type of videos you can create, you might think it’s time to hire a video animation service company and work on your strategy. But before you start making calls, first understand how a video drives traffic and why it helps:

  • SEO

SEO is a significant part of digital marketing that is responsible for your website’s ranking and visibility. Using specific keywords in your site content, blogs, and other written content helps Google understand what the website is about, your products and services, and whether you are valuable to the users looking for similar products or services.

Similarly, incorporating keywords in the video titles and descriptions will increase its visibility and rank in the search results, ultimately improving your website’s visibility and traffic. You can also use video backlinks to increase your page ranking; the higher your rank, the more traffic comes your way.

  • Links

If you host your video on other channels, such as YouTube or other social media, you can include the website link in the description and encourage people to visit.

If people love what they see, they need an easy way to find you. Adding a link in the description is an excellent way to do that.

  • Social Media

Most users scroll through their feed on social media; only rarely do people linger to get a closer look. Thus, videos can help grab your audience’s attention better than static image posts or texts. They almost guarantee an increase in organic traffic through social media, which also increases conversions and sales.

  • Call-to-Action (CTAs)

As stated before, you can include your website link in your video descriptions to increase visits—CTAs in the video work to a similar effect. For example, including a compelling call-to-action in your video, asking viewers to visit the website will be significantly more impactful than any other channel.

  • Time on Page

If you embed your videos on your website, instead of an external channel, you increase visitors’ time on your page. It positively affects your search engine ranking, which boosts visibility and traffic. Plus, it will also increase engagement on your website, improve conversions, and allow visitors an opportunity to explore your site.

Tell Your Story with an Animated Video & Improve Website Traffic

In a nutshell, animations improve your website’s visibility and search engine ranking, ultimately boosting traffic and conversions.

They are also an excellent way to set apart your brand from the competition. You can build a relationship with your audience, gain customer loyalty, and much more.

So, hire a video animation service provider and share your story with the audience through an engaging video!


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