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How water will become the petroleum of the 21st century in next few decades?

water scarcity

With the increase in population, the resources seem to run short; the world is focusing on the issue of shortage of food due to growth in the number of the living but missing out on the crucial part –water scarcity. Water definitely plays an important role in our daily lives as we need it to produce food, generate energy and perform various activities on a daily basis. By the time it is 2050, the demand for generating energy from natural resources will increase by 50%, of which hydropower generation covers one-third part. While the pressure on the demand for water is rising, it is touted to be the petroleum of the 21st century in a few decades.

 Water resources need to be conserved:

Although we have adequate water supplies all over the world, the improper management, inappropriate conservation, and inefficacious use of the water resources will lead to the upcoming challenges. China has set-up desalination plants to recede every gallon of water that is being produced. Nanotechnologies with solar power are being used to improve the quality of water. Various water collectors are being introduced to monitor agricultural use of water and effective water irrigation systems are being developed too.

 Hazards that will occur due to the shortage of water:

Even the developed nations will not be immune from the risks of the shortage of water. The potential risks that may come into being due to the shortage of water are –power cuts to conserve energy, increased prices resulting in low profitability, damage to the reputation of the renowned brands due to poor quality delivery of products. Many food companies have already started to increase the cost of their products due to the decrease in the water supplies. Among all the other leading brands Nestle is doing its best to reduce their water usage.

The conditions have started to deteriorate while water is being proclaimed as petroleum of the 21st century. We need to begin valuing and managing our water resources before the water-shortage related complications lead to disasters. Just as petroleum once was, water will now become the most sought-after possession. If the countries are to prosper in the coming years, they need to reserve their water resources. According to studies, water has increasingly begun to override petroleum as an asset. For geopolitical stability and expansion, nation-states need to start preparing for water wars to be supervening in the future.      

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