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How Whey helps in building immunity

The immune system works to protect our body from attack by any external microorganisms such as Viruses, parasites and bacteria. Possession of a strong immune system is extremely important which guards our body against diseases and unexpected breakout like COVID-19. During such conditions, it is utmost important to enhance the level of your immune system to protect yourself from any kind of viral and bacterial infections. Heavy exercise, busy lifestyle and ignorance of proper diet are the major reasons behind weak immune. In order to enhance your immunity, Whey Protein is considered as one of the best products.

Whey is a blend of proteins, each having special traits for dietary, natural and nourishment repairing applications. Whey is a dietary supplement that provides antimicrobial movement, immune modulation, enhanced muscle quality and great body structure. Whey proteins have progressively been utilized as a wholesome ingredient in a few food formulations especially as dry whey, for example, Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and Whey Protein Isolate (WPI). Let’s see a few advantages with respect to how Whey Protein aids us in building immunity.

Bioactive proteins boost the immune system

In comparison with any other product, It’s difficult to beat the versatile nature of Whey Protein, especially when it contains bioactive peptides. Why? Bioactive peptide compounds extend the immune benefits of this popular protein supplement. These compounds are only found in Whey which has been extracted during the cheese-making process under low-temperature conditions. Such a process preserves its structure and hence it functions as an immune booster.

Whey Protein enhances glutathione

Most of all the aspects of the immune system are made from proteins and high-quality amino acids which are extracted from our diet. However, Whey Protein is a proven supplement to provide benefits above the supply of essential amino acids. Studies show that Whey protein enhances glutathione (GSH) in various tissues which maintain the muscle glutamine reservoir. GSH is the key element of the body’s cellular antioxidant defence system which regulates almost all the aspects of the immune system. Muscle glutamine is the only fuel required by the immune system.

Hence, Whey Protein with its clean flavour, solubility, excellent amino acids, high bioavailability and immune-enhancing properties makes it a complete choice for the protein supplement.

This World Health Day, let’s take a pledge to improve our immune system to try to protect our body against any kind of infection in future because, in the end, our body is our responsibility to take care of.

 BY: Ravi Rohra, Co-founder, Scitron.

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