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How & why peanut butter market is expected to witness the highest growth in the near future

High in protein, low in calories, peanut butter possesses high nutritional value in comparison to dairy butter. With the increasing awareness regarding the cons of dairy products, peanut butter is an alternative that consumers are open to trying. From a butter spread to simply a dip, peanut butter is multi-purpose and full of fibre. A major rage amongst the western countries, Asian countries have slowly started adapting to the trend as well. The APAC region is definitely the fastest growing for the peanut butter market for the coming years. While the Asia-Pacific peanut butter market was valued at USD 0.38 billion in 2016, it is anticipated to witness notable growth over the upcoming period. In comparison to other nut butters, peanut butter is a low calorie product with high protein content. Consumption of peanut butter includes various benefits associated with it such as it helps to reduce the weight and also possesses optimum nutrition value. Therefore, Alpino has ensured to produce peanut butter in various forms that can be used in various applications like breakfast, savory, smoothies, and so on.

The increasing spotlight on the production of peanuts and growing knowledge about its health benefits is emerging in economies like China and India which will lead to the boost of demand in these regions. Read on to know why exactly peanut butter market will witness the highest growth in the near future:

  • Increasing disposable income

The change in economic status of individuals has been the highest driving factor of the boost of peanut butter sales. Indians spend most on food than any other category and a rise in disposable income means a shift in trends. The composition of food choices for households have seen a sharp inclination towards protein and more natural-based food like peanut butter.

  • Change in lifestyle

Indians are slowly seen to move away from staple grains like rice and wheat towards non dairy-based products. The influence of the west has definitely seen an impact back home. The rise in awareness about the ever-increasing benefits of peanuts has caused a change in perception. A lot of people are seen shifting away from traditional sources of protein and choosing protein-packed peanut butters instead.

  • Looking for convenient and low fat food

There has been a growing demand for healthy, but appetite-suppressing snacks. Consumers are always on the go and looking for snacks that are low in fat but high in nutrition.

BY: Chetan Kanani, Co-Founder at Alpino Health Foods

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