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How will 5G Change the Lives of Common Man ?


4G is something that is accessible in many parts of the world now. Most of the people living in towns and metros have now become familiar to use 4G speeds on their devices. But still there are cities in this world where even 3G and 2G have not reached yet. Still, the world is hungry for more speed and that’s why we are eagerly waiting for 5G to arrive. But how many of us really know what will 5G look like? Well, engineers from MIT are few of those people who are doing research work for the 5G technology. These engineers have recently gave us a little overview about the future of mobile internet.

What makes 5G different than 4G?

The main difference is in the wavelength. The 5G Technology is going to work on a frequency band of 24 GHz whereas the frequency bands for 4G technology were between 750 MHz and 2100 MHz. This band was previously being used only for military purposes and was recently made available for commercial use by FCC. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent agency of US government to regulate the standards of communications within state or inter-state. This recent decision by FCC has made USA the first country to potentially made this spectrum available for its consumers.

What’s special about the higher frequency band is that it will be able to transmit much more information at the same time. In simple words, the speed of transmission of data will be much faster. Students at MIT who are working on this project have seen data rates as fast as 10 Gigabits per second which is nearly 100 times faster as compared to 4G data transmission rates.

How long will it take for 5G to come in hands of normal People?

Well, it’s true that researchers have been able to test 5G and the results are awesome. But there are few challenges in making this technology available to common people. The biggest challenge that researchers are facing now is that such high frequency signals can easily be blocked by walls of the buildings and other physical objects. A lot of popular names like Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, Nokia & Ericsson are working on it and trying to find a solution.

As per experts, it will take around 3 to 4 years more for the 5G technology to become a reality. Till then, 4G will keep expanding to the remote corners of the world.

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