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How will Covid-19 affect the current/next placement season?


Brief: The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the entire world to a halt, affecting businesses across the globe. The crisis has impacted student placements. The lockdown has given rise to in the closure of many industries, resulting in companies struggling to keep their employees. In these difficult times, organization are trying their best to balance humanitarian needs with cash flows. Adversely affected are those that are highly leveraged. The Government of India has given only a small extension in reimbursement of bank loans. Though even a single drop of water is helpful, it won’t be able to save companies who face real outlook of insolvency.

  • Flexibility: The Future of Work

Brief: As businesses scramble to write down a replacement narrative, devise fresh strategies, and experiment with unfamiliar business models, hit or miss future seems to be the sole constant. With the uncertainty of COVID-19 acting as a possible roadblock in our path ahead, organizations round the world are confronted with an unanticipated and overwhelming set of obstacles. COVID-19 has forced many organizations into flexible working schedules overnight, and while leaders plan to navigate this sudden shift, we are seeing surprising outcomes emerge from these new ways of working. Today’s newfound flexibility not only has the potential to mitigate a number of businesses’ greatest challenges, but the power to vary our ways of working forever.

Happy to have your thought on the same.  Looking ahead for your positive feedback.

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