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How you can give your house a ME Effect

There is always a way to dress up home characteristically and to be able to do so, there are personal style boosters to stay in comfort.

The first home (personal) confinement is the bedroom. For an instant makeover every season, it is good to experiment with vibrant and cozy bed sheets. Bold floral designs or colour manipulation to stimulate the mind, there are ample ways to line up the bedroom dressing. Cushions are a must have and to do the distinguishable, pick up an artistic mould like a Mumbai street gimmick or the Goa beach showers.

Adapt to the living room personal comfort decor. Arrange a sequenced draw of silver, copper and brass artifacts. Make a home for Laughing Buddhas, Vases, and Candle stands in different corners to display a set pattern.  Show your personal generosity with animal figurines. The small photo frames displaying a family thread of swinging holiday images is- personal touch delivered,  

It is a must to curtain the rooms and doors to filter your privacy. Set beautiful patterns to pour in the light or feel fresh inside the room. The curtain is a good way to infuse cocktail glory inside a home as well. You can choose neutral shades for the living room to soak in the sunshine. The rooms turn into a perfect hideout if you install black-out curtains. The colour scheme can be changed using the blues and the greens or altering it every season to stop the extreme sun rays to pour in.  

‘Me’ space also means the freedom to go versatile and one aspect of it is to be season-friendly. Summer needs a refreshed vibe at home and light or breezy colours offer you an ample scope. There is a huge variety of light shades and the plus is to try a summery cocktail with the classics-beige or grey and pep it up with a white base of cushions or even the sky blue and vibrant oranges. Pink can live up to the summer and monsoon décor until the winters.

Switch sides in the winters to fabricate an inclusive sight of single colour and trying embossing different tones. A perfect example here is different shades of Blue which includes Niagara, Lapis Blue and Island Paradise. Each tone is varied and can be chosen to reflect upon your vivid mood or the changing climate sights. Try sky blue on a sunny winter day and pick a different tone to cheer up on a relaxed Sunday with friends. 

By: Ms. Sonam Gupta

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