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HR Trends to be seen in the year 2019

2018 saw the steady uptrend in the hospitality sector continue. The continued strong growth rates in foreign tourist arrivals and airline passenger movement coupled with muted supply growth contributed to the growth. The settling down of business sectors to all the new initiatives rolled out in 2018 and growing demand from the domestic market segment added further impetus.

Along with this growth, comes the focus on hiring, the manpower being one of the backbones of the keys to the growth of the sector. The hiring outlook looks positive for the coming year. In fact, hiring intent in 2019 is expected to be the strongest after a gap of four years on the back of bullish employment opportunities in Travel and Hospitality sectors as per India Skills Report 2019. Here are some trends to look forward to in 2019. 

  •  Salary hikes

Salary hikes across cities and hikes in other industries does mean that Government benefits for employees is on the rise. Employees at various segments in hospitality are getting higher salaries at a Pan India level. This is an encouraging sign in attracting the right candidates which is crucial in our sector while we expect to see a considerable upswing in their hiring numbers next year across various brands.

  • Skills upgradation

Skill enhancement is one major aspect that the sector is looking at. It is imperative for employees, whether a fresher or experienced, to increase employability. The government support and government sponsored skills associations which are supporting various industries like hospitality and manufacturing where employees are getting trained and also getting certifications are playing critical roles in educating and increasing productivity.

  • Rise in hiring

2019 will definitely see a greater focus on hiring. Due to business increase with increased tourist movements, MICE business growth and hotels expansions by various brands (domestic and international), there is already more hiring taking place. Hiring has increased.

  • Working with the specially-abled

Industries, specially the hospitality sector, has been working on increasing hiring people with disabilities. There has been greater awareness amongst corporate and HR for such hiring trends and it is expected to continue throughout the next year. Companies are following inclusive hiring policy which is not just a charity act but a sound business decision as well.

  • Ethics and equality

Awareness amongst corporates and companies where greater focus on aspects such as prevention and redressal of sexual harassment committee are gaining grounds. Focus on office etiquettes / POSH committees and equality and work place ethics are set to play a bigger role in hiring and references. Many hotel groups are also looking at stepping up female hiring specially in senior positions which is a great initiative.


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