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Hrithik says big box office clashes are not good for the industry

Hrithik Rooshan’s ‘Kaabil’ and Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Raees’ are claimed to be one of the biggest clashes on the box office in 2017. Both the films are out now, and have received a warm welcome from the audiences and the critics. Hrithik Roshan is happy that his film has been loved by the audience and critics alike despite the competition at the box office.

Rakesh Roshan was reported showing his displeasure on the clash of the two films. On this, Hrithik said “He (Rakesh Roshan) was talking about equality. These are things human beings have been fighting for since we have gained consciousness, freedom and equality”.

“There was a lot of uncertainty this time because of the clash. If it was a solo film, we would have been on the predictable note but because of the clash there was uncertainty,” he says. “But now the uncertainty is turning into certainty with all the feedback and love that we are getting. It comes to down to the same thing – if the film and content are good it works, you get rewards no matter what,” he adds.

On being asked about the clash, Hrithik said “This is not in my hands alone, it is in the hands of executives. There is a rule that if we clash then we straight away divide it 50:50 (referring to screen space).” “So, there is no 80:20 or 60:40 and if you follow 50:50 then the clash will stop automatically. That’s the best way”.

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