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Human shield Farooq Dar to get 10 lakh compensation

The Jammu and Kashmir human rights commission today passed an order, which directs the state government to give Rs 10 lakh as compensation to Farooq Dar. It may be recalled that Farooq Ahmed Dar was tied to the front of an Army jeep, to be used as a human shield against stone pelters in the area. The incident had occurred during the Srinagar Lok Sabha by-polls and the Army Officer involved in the incident had said that he had to take such an extreme measure since there was a grave threat to the lives of people travelling in the convoy. He had said that stone pelters could have stopped the convoy and hurt many people.

In its judgment, the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has said that the compensation being awarded to Dar was for the humiliation and stress that he suffered when he was tied to the bonnet of any Army vehicle. The SHRC has observed that Dar has suffered due to physical and psychiatric torture, wrongful restraint and confinement, due to which it merits to compensate him. The SHRC believes that the trauma of the incident might haunt Dar for the rest of his life. The Commission has asked the state government to pay the Rs 10 lakh compensation to Dar within 6 weeks.

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