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Hurricane Irma pounds Caribbean Islands; threat increases for Florida

Hurricane Irma continued on its predicted course, devastating Puerto Rico in its path and vast areas of the Caribbean Islands. As it keeps moving towards the US mainland, authorities in Florida have started the evacuation process. Weather reports indicate that Irma will hit South Florida as a Category 5 hurricane. South Florida is densely populated comprising various cities and suburbs along the coastline. Schools and offices have started shutting down and people could be seen stocking on food and water. The grocery store shelves were near empty today as the authorities ordered the evacuations. Irma has been continuously getting stronger and it is now the most powerful hurricane to hit the Atlantic coast in the last decade.

According to weather reports, Irma is packing wind speeds of 185 mph. It is expected that Irma would bring with it storm surges, flash floods, mud slides and destructive winds. The areas at risk include Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. The next big threat is to the residents of Florida Keys. US authorities have already ordered mandatory evacuations of residents in Florida Keys. If Irma continues with its predicted path, it would hit South Florida between Friday night and Monday. US President Trump has declared an emergency in Florida and U.S.Virgin Islands.

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