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Hyderabad and Chennai top the table for ‘fridge knowledge

Delhi Mother-in-laws dictate TV viewing while Kolkata mothers are the undisputed queens of the remote control during the day

The newest edition of Croma Home Stories survey revealsregional peculiarities regarding the way Indians use and treat their electronic home appliances

Mumbai, August 26, 2014:The latest installment of the nation-wide study Croma Home Stories today revealed additional particularities of the ‘human-machine’ bond and some of the regional differences between the way Indian’s use and relate to their gadgets and home appliances.  According to the findings, residents fromHyderabad and Chennai top the ‘fridge knowledge’ league with 86% and 85% respectively claiming to know the contents of their fridges from memory, compared to just 67% for people from Ahmedabad; suggesting either a more ‘laisser-faire’ attitude to nutrition or simply a preference for fresh food!

But – according to the survey – the level of attention paid by householders from Chennai and Hyderabad to their fridges is limited to what’s inside; they are the least likely to display magnets on the fridge doors – just 25% (for Chennai residents) and 31% (Hyderabad) compared to 47% (Mumbai) and 53% forAhmedabad citizens.  In the case of the latter; fridge adornment clearly takes precedence over fridge knowledge!

With the festive season approaching, Mr. Ajit Joshi, MD & CEO, Infiniti Retail Ltd., remarked,“The pre festive sale will precede the much awaited festive period doubling the joy of the consumers way before the festivities begin. This pre festive offer makes Croma a one-stop-shop for all our buyers on the lookout for exciting offers on all electronics.

As we look forward to the upcoming festive season, Croma Home Stories celebrates the third phase of its survey by revealing some unknown facts about the intricate and beautiful relationship we share with our electronics, demonstrating how our lives are highly dependent and perfectly evolved around these appliances.”

Other findings revealed Kolkata mothers as undisputed queens of the TV remote control with over two-thirds of respondents from the city citing ‘mothers’ as controlling the television between 12 noon to 5 pm, double the proportion from other cities.

Below are some highlights of the discerning findings of Croma Home Stories:

Hyderabad & Chennai are most aware of their fridge content

  • Hyderabad shows the trait of being most aware of their fridge contents, as a staggering 86% agreed to know their fridge inside out, followed by Chennai at 85%
  • Bengaluru and Mumbai closely follow this habit at 76% and 75%, respectively; reinforcing their dependency on home-appliances for hoarding & stocking food to assist their busy schedules
  • Ahmedabad displays the least percentage of awareness of fridge content at 67%  highlighting their ‘foodie’ personalities and – perhaps –  a taste for impulsive food habits


Indian cities reveal their nostalgic selves through different fridge adornments

  • Fridge door adornments of holidays, trips, vacations and magnets evoke a strong sense of nostalgia; where cities with a higher ratio of such displays reflect a ‘show-off’ attitude and those with the lowest show a bounded sense of personal moments
  • More than half of the respondents in Ahmedabad at 53% adorn their fridge doors with magnets, closely followed by Mumbai at 47%. Bengaluru shows the highest number of people displaying holiday photos/souvenirs, followed by Mumbai and Delhi. These cities thereforedisplay their apparent high travel ratio and exhibitionist attitude
  • Chennai and Hyderabad show the lowest display of magnets as fridge door adornments at 25% and 31%. Hyderabad also shows the least numbers of people displaying holiday photos/souvenirs. For these citizens, it’s clearly what’s on the inside of the fridge which counts

Ahmedabad & Chennai are most financially organised; adorn fridge with bills and bank statements

  • Among all the cities in the study, highest number of respondents in Ahmedabad agreed to use the fridge door as a reminder for their bills and also their bank statements. This showcases a clear agenda towards efficient financial planning amongst the people in the city
  • This is followed closely by Chennai and Hyderabad
  • Kolkata and Mumbai show the least number of people who place their financial documents on display on their fridge doors, displaying a discreet attitude towards their financial status

Fridge-door reminders still catching up in India, amongst other adornments

  • Shopping lists, to-do lists, post-its and resolutions are among the least used options as reminders on fridge doors for all major cities in India
  • Amongst the listed reminder lists that can adorn a fridge door, shopping lists are most commonly used by all cities
  • Pune and Hyderabad show the highest number of respondents who choose the fridge door to keep a reminder of their shopping lists on display at 19% and 17%, respectively
  • Also, Kolkata and Hyderabad reveal their organised selves, the most on their fridge doors, as 29% and 23% choose to have to-do lists on them among all other ornamentations
  • Post-its and resolutions as a fridge door embellishment only see a negligible population opting for them, hinting towards the apparent increased use of technological reminder devices in India


Kolkata mothers win the TV remote tussle, hands down

  • An astounding 67% of respondents from Kolkata confessed that their mothers controlled the television during the time period of 12 noon to 5 pm; double that of other cities
  • The survey indicates that the entire day is a silent tussle between partners for the remote control, however, Kolkata yet again begs to differ, with 30% respondents declaring that the remote control is dominated largely by father from 9pm – 12 AM
  • Differences over control of the TV remote, however, is a common factor across the country as an average of half of the respondents agree to being possessive couch potatoes


Bengaluru opts for TV as the new comfort food

  • India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru saw the maximum respondents at 58% confess to keeping TV as their choice of company, when alone
  • As modern India’s rendition of comfort food, an average of 50% of the respondents across all cities agree that their TV sets are usually kept on when they are alone at home
  • This insight highlights India’s dependency on the age-old entertainment screen – the television, despite the surge of multiple handheld devices
  • Hyderabad has the minimum proportion of solitary TV viewers, with 38% standing positive on it; bringing this city in the light of modern day optimization of technology for entertainment

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