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I-T Department names and shames Delhi-based tax defaulters owing over Rs 10 crore

As part of its strategy to name and shame tax defaulters and make them pay their tax dues, the Income Tax department today published the names of five entities based in Delhi, who owe more than Rs 10 crore in taxes. The names and details about the tax defaulters were published today in all leading national dailies. The published text also advises the defaulters to pay their taxes immediately to avoid further legal action. The I-T department has been using this technique for the last few years. Till now, around 96 entities have been exposed to the general public in terms of their tax defaults. I-T officials believe that this technique helps nudge tax defaulters on the right track, so that they clear their pending dues.

The published text also includes details such as PAN card number, tax defaulter’s last known address, assessment range and total dues pending. In most such cases, the defaulter has either become untraceable or has shown no assets for recovery. The initiative is also meant for the general public to be aware of such entities and contact the I-T department if they come across any information related to these tax defaulters. An excerpt from the page published reads, “The entries in the list are specific to the tax arrears and assessment year mentioned. The tax defaulter’s address, business, shareholding and management may have changed.”

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