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I wish I was free …..

As I sit here exploring the companionship of these rocks and shrubs,
I find this wind talking to me taking away my loneliness.
A splendid stretch of nature’s beauty as far as I can gaze,
An adorning effect beyond the limit of what my words can explain.
A beautiful red bird with a white tail continuously changing its position.
Making me wish if I could be as free as it is.
The one and the only master of my will.
But sadly I’m the one who is caged unlike it…….
in this prison of world since my inception.
Freedom is what I can see but never feel,
I had an apparent experience of it when my shoulders were not burdened with expectations.
But once the burden was put, the virtuality broke.
I am searching for the I will be as free as that Bird….
But I find it hard to see any ray of hope.
I wish that bird never gets caged,
As I can’t see it going through a life similar to my fate.
I wish if ever I’m free I get to see it again,
I have got nothing to lose, just real freedom to gain…..
By – Gaurav Priyanshu Singh 

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