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ICICIdirect’s One Click Investment – Mutual Funds Made Easy

Mutual funds have emerged as the preferred investment option for many investors, as they are safer and yet provide optimal returns. However, with dozens of mutual funds out there, it’s difficult to choose the right one.

To make mutual fund investments easier for people ICICI Direct has come up with a pioneering tool called ‘One Click Investment’. True to its name, One Click simplifies the process of mutual fund investments and helps customers invest inthe best performing mutual funds in a single click.

Mutual fund portfolios by One Click have beencreated by award winning research team at ICICI Direct and have consistently outperformed the benchmark.

To better understand how it can help you prosper, let’s take a look at its various advantages and benefits.

  • Research backed investment portfolios: One Click does all the hard work for you by carrying out extensive research and analysis of available mutual fund schemes. Mutual funds are assessed on quantitative as well asqualitative parameters, based on which appropriate mutual fund baskets have been created for investors.
  • Easy process: Investing in top-rated mutual funds has become a lot easier with One Click. As the name suggests, you can invest in the best mutual funds with a single click.
  • Lump sum or Monthly SIP: Based on the nature of your income and savings, you can choose to invest a lump sum amount or opt for SIP. Both options have outperformed their benchmarks, so you can choose any option as per your requirements.
  • Multiple portfolio options: You can choose an investment portfolio that compliments your financial aspirations. For example, if you wish tooptimise returns on your investment, you can go for Maximiser portfolio. This is anequity-based portfolio with exposure to large, multi, mid and small cap schemes. If you are looking for a relatively safer option, you can go for Debt based portfolios such as Secure. For a balance of equity and debt, you can choose options such as Builder, Stable and 50-Fifty.If you want to reduce your tax burden allwhile increasing your wealth, you can choose Tax Saving portfolio option available under ICICI Direct One Click.
  • Get alerts and notifications:You will receivesystem notifications on recommendations. You also have a provision where you will get daily updates of your progress in mutual fund investment. This will save you from the hassle of constantly tracking the market.
  • Redeem anytime:You can redeem your investments anytime you want. So, no worries about getting your funds locked forever. Moreover, you can choose how much you want to redeem and how much you want to keep invested.
  • Zero transaction fees:You don’t have to pay any transaction charges. Investment and redemptions are entirely free.

ICICI Direct One Click Investment platform is easy to use, is backed by extensive research, has a proven track record of outperforming the benchmark and can be customized as per your risk and financial goals. With One Click, you can maximizeyour returns on mutual fund investments.

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