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If she/he said ‘NO’ to your love proposal, what should you do then?

Indian film industry is a very special locus, where dream is interlocked with the dib. Among the India based film industries the Hindi film industry has been producing the maximum quantities of films in the world – exclusively and merely (it is a world record in fact). Most of them have romantic stories or are romance based films by nature. A large number of these films have happy endings (with these types of sentences – ‘they live happily ever after!’).Our very own Indian society is highly and immensely influenced by these films and these films are hugely and immeasurably owed by the Indian culture and Indian belief. In ancient Indian literature,drama Etc. We can’t find out any tragedy based story. – Yes, it is absolutely true. But, life has its own identification, which is factual and very much different from these kinds of literatures, dramas, movies and other fictional objects of any era.

xouahsuunaoelo2ylhymThere is no guaranty of a happy ending in a real life love story at all.

With the help of news papers, magazines, electronic media we come to know every day about the real stories of the love offenders, deflowers etc.

1)A lover boy – who was sticking zeal and appetency for a charming girl hence proposed that lady love with a great urge, keenness and desire but the girl was not interested to make any emotional relationship with that particular boy. She had no soft feeling for the boy in her sacred mind. Hence, she did not accept his love proposal and refused him very diligently. Yet her this decision made the boy infuriated and furious. He comprehended this decision of that girl as something very much ignominious. He really felt insulted. Hence decided to take a venturesome and dangerous revenge from that innocent, gracious, genteel girl and as per this intension and perseverance he threw acid bulb to her spectacular, captivating, splendid face.

2)In another story we came to know that a refused, rejected, obsessed, appetent empanelled himself as the deflower of his own lady love.

 It is not possible for any one of the entire world, who has a thoughtful mind and discretion to yield a splash of support to these types of offenders or ensoul them at all. It is very hard for them to stick these types of criminal offences as a matter of fact!

So the vital question has no answer yet. The most important problem is unsolved still now! – What should you do? – if anybody refuses to make a sweet, emotional, sacred love relationship with you! Yes, the root point is that! What should you do then?  See, there are some suggestions – not to resolve the problem only but to avoid this problem also –


1)     First of all you have to discern your own traits and attributes.

2)     Now find out a spouse who owns the same mental structure as you – yourself have.

3)     Don’t straddle; be sure about your own feelings! Are you really found of that girl or boy! Are you really want become her/his resemblance. Take no hasty decision.

4)     Take every possible endeavour with perseverance and proficiency to manifest your massage (love proposal actually) whenever you get amenity – indirectly – just manipulate your body language in this situation.

5)     Now notice her/his reaction carefully.

6)     If you get a green signal – only then fire a cannon – means propose her/him directly.

7)     If she/he says NO to you, then for haven sake don’t enraged, don’t fretful, don’t get frustrated, don’t feel ashamed!  don’t blaspheme her/him, and don’t be caddish. These are not the serendipities for you! Be a compliant, affable, exalted person and respect her/his decision, accept this truth that her/his heart is not your refuge and rely on this sentence – ‘someone somewhere is anticipating for you merely.’

8)     Dig the havoc of your sanctum and evict the seed of the trauma!  Resume and continue your journey…………….

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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