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iFFALCON’s QLED and UHD Models Sold Out within Less than Half a Day of Launch

The extraordinary sales report reflects the brand’s growing popularity and success among tech-savvy Indians

New Delhi, August 07, 2020: In another major development, TCL’s sub-brand iFFALCON reported that its latest QLED and UHD H71 and K71 models were sold out within less than half a day of their launch. The brand recorded maximum demand from South and East India. They have already prepared with fresh stock and embracing the demand of the market.

The high market demand and consumer traction reflect iFFALCON’s growing popularity and success among Indian consumers. This positive growth trajectory shows that the brand has seamlessly met consumer expectations by offering them best-in-class Smart TVs at affordable prices.

The models offer cutting-edge features such as hands-free voice control for seamless remote-less control, smart inter-connectivity to connect and operate other smart home devices with the TV itself, and Quantam Dot and 4K HDR for the optimized TV viewing experience, among others.


Available in two variants, 55-inch and 66-inch at INR 49,999 and INR 69,999, respectively, the H71 sports a metallic body, bezel-less design, and comes packed with an Quantam Dot and Dolby Vision for unmatched picture quality.


The K71, on the other hand, comes in 43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch at INR 25,499, INR 35,999, and INR 53,499, respectively. It has 4K upscaling that enhances low-quality video in terms of details, clarity, quality, and frequency, no matter what the source is. It also offers dynamic color enhancement that ensures the display effect close to a high gamut screen. Additionally, K71 too comes with hands-free voice control.

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