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We all have an occasion on some day or the other and this may range from Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Engagement, Becoming a Father/Mother, Scholastic Achievements to name a few.

How do we usually celebrate?

We either go out taking our near and dear but the most common scenario would be buying some gift for them. Usually this becomes the ultimate choice due to lack of time and rarely with finance issues. We now have a solution for all these woes.

My Dad’s Birthday is on 1st June and somehow it skipped my mind and by the time I realized it, the date was 31st May and it was already 9PM. Just then like a God sent Angel, I stumbled upon this website

The fist thing that caught my mind was its spread wherein the website claims that the gifts can be delivered to US, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE and Canada which is quite impressive. For India, it gives you the option to select the delivery to the cities which includes Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. You also have the option to enter the pin code to ascertain the delivery and the timescales for the same.

I did not wait for long. I immediately checked for the delivery of a cake which to my great respite said that it would be delivered anytime between 7AM to 10PM on 24th April. What a relief. I immediately went ahead and ordered it. I also ordered some chocolate gift hamper too.

Now that my needs are taken care of, I slowly started venturing into the site. I found it most intriguing as they have gifts for almost all occasion and they are even divided into category fitting all age groups – from toddler to a grandparent. The range what they offer be it with cakes, chocolates, toys, flowers, personalized gifts etc to name a few are simply impressive. You can choose according to your budget due to the widest choice and availability which means there is a gift for everyone and you would never go back empty handed.

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