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iGrabit – Grocery Shopping, Reimagined

Groceries at the click of a finger, but that’s not all. The list of features goes on and on.

MIAMI, FL – 06/26/2017 — It began like every modern day entrepreneur fairytale; a bright mind, a desktop and a garage. As the concept developed and the team grew, the leadership of Prem Balwani was made evident. With his technical expertise and hands on experience with operational systems, Prem guided his dynamic team through the development of a state-of-the-art website for online grocery shopping. The online platform,, is transforming the way consumers connect with their favorite brands and food products. Proving once again how technology, if properly integrated in our daily life, can simplify and enlighten routine activities. The website is ready for use, and the launch of the app is early July.

They are not only making the grocery experience effortless, they are actually making it pleasant.

The current grocery shopping experience is overrated. We spend hours a week shopping, only to come back missing some items, or realizing we bought more eggs when we still had a full dozen. The team’s mission is to re-imagine the whole grocery shopping experience by focusing on the consumer. The team created a platform that helps consumers save money, time and still enjoy their favorite products. The website, and soon to be app, is refreshing the concept of grocery shopping, and turning it into an experience you can actually enjoy.

The layout is user friendly, and the system is simple : just browse from the large variety of products and add the ones you want to your shopping list. Life becomes so simple when you do the grocery with a virtual pantry! Instacart or Shipt have a system that works, but are focused on just deliveries, whilst iGrabit offers a consumer centric solution that is both useful and innovative. Amazon’s recent acquisition of WholeFoods means other stores need to re-evaluate their technology investment – and the team at iGrabit are well positioned to help them get started! Keep track of what is in your pantry, and share that list with your spouse or partner so no item is forgotten. Choose from over 100 000 products, and comment or share your favorite ones. Follow food bloggers and health experts to see how they’re stocking their pantry. See your spending amount decrease thanks to the easy-to-find and easy-to-apply daily coupons. You can also keep track of your weekly/monthly spending patterns on groceries separated by category all at the click of a button.

The platform is accessible to all of US, and the pick-up stores are rolling out quickly in the South Florida market, and will continue to expand. The countdown has started on the unveiling of the new features that will further help consumers save money on their groceries. Until then, make sure to log in at Start using it now to manage your grocery list, mark your favorite item and track your pantry.

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