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IIT admissions halted over bonus marks issue

The Supreme Court today halted the admission process of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) and other leading engineering colleges, after hearing a case pertaining to the issue of bonus marks being given to certain candidates who had appeared in this year’s Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced. The results, which were announced earlier, had made eligible some 50,000 students to take admissions in the various IITs and other state-run engineering colleges. However, with the Supreme Court order, there’s a big question mark on the admission of these students.

The case filed with the Supreme Court by a group of students pointed out the errors in the Hindi version of the question papers of chemistry and mathematics subject. When exam authorities found the allegations to be true, they decided to give bonus marks to all candidates, irrespective of whether anyone had attempted the question or not. According to petitioners, this was a wrong decision and it had hurt their prospects of getting admissions to better engineering colleges. The petitioners want the earlier merit list to be cancelled and a new one issued in its place. The Supreme Court will hear the case further and take a decision next week.

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