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IIT Kharagpur launches ‘Knowledge Dissemination Programme’

 IIT Kharagpur is launching the first of its kind short modular courses preferably of 10 (ten) hours duration on a niche topic for students, entrepreneurs, working professionals from R&D organizations and industry all over the country.

The Institute is launching a unique first of its kind “Knowledge Dissemination Programme” for faculty and students of engineering colleges, working professionals from R & D organisations and industry with effect from April 2015. This programme is unique in the Indian context as it envisages dissemination of knowledge on niche topics through short modular courses preferably of 10 hours duration.  The modular courses will be conducted live through video conferencing at IIT Kharagpur campuses in Kolkata and Bhubaneswar using the NKN enabled classrooms from IIT Kharagpur. The courses under this Dissemination Programme course is targeted towards students and faculty members of TEQIP-II Institutions, IIT Kharagpur students, entrepreneurs, working professionals from R & D organisations and industry all over the country. For a wider outreach and to enable the participants to attend the programme after their office/class hours, the Live/Video modular courses will be conducted during evening/weekends. Working professinals will get an opportunity to seek knowledge and experience from reputed IIT Kharagpur faculty through intensive study of subjects and personal interactions.

Participants from Industry, Research Organizations, Faculty and Students of TEQIP-II Institutions and Entrepreneurs from all over the country are welcome to register for the 13 courses offered during the year. These subjects are designed around current and multidisciplinary themes of Science, Engineering, and Management. The duration for each subject is of 10 hours. IIT Kharagpur will issue a course completion certificate to all participants who attend classes regularly on recommendation from the Coordinator.

This first edition will include the following courses: Embedded System Design, Microfuidics and Nanofluidics,

Data Mining, Hydrologic Design in a Changing Climate, Service Operations Management, Selected Topics of Advanced Signal Processing, Gradient Based Numerical Optimization Algorithms, Wireless Sensor Network and Internet of Things, Thermoelectricity: The art of waste heat recovery, Polymer Membranes: Future Materials for Gas Separation and Fuel Cell application (PEM), Hydraulic Transients in Water Conveyance Systems, Creativity & Innovation at Work and Effective Speaking and Making Presentations.

Students can apply for one or multiple overlapping courses by sending a filled up registration form to the respective Coordinator of the course along with a bank draft payable to ‘CEP-STC, IIT Kharagpur’ for the amount mentioned in the leaflet of the particular course. The course coordinators will go through your application and confirm your selection as a participant before the starting date of the courses. All details for the programme are available on the website

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