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ImmuniWeb: Now multiple-users can manage an ethical hacking project

Geneva – 5 February 2015 – Swiss penetration testing company High-Tech Bridge has announced that the company’s on-demand web security assessment service – ImmuniWeb® -now enables multiple users with different permissions and access levels to manage the same projects.

Registered users of the ImmuniWeb Portal can grant access to a security assessment project to other Portal users. There are five distinct permissions that can be granted:  Read access, Modification access, Payment & Financial Data access, Support Interaction access, and Report Management access.

The objective is to share various types of access among different users and departments of large companies and governmental organizations that require several people to coordinate and manage security assessment projects. Access can be granted or revoked by the project owner (creator) with just a couple of clicks.

ImmuniWeb SaaS is based on hybrid security assessment technology that combines a highly-sophisticated automated assessment with manual penetration testing performed by IT security experts. Thanks to the human element, High-Tech Bridge is the only company from the web security assessment SaaS sector that guarantees zero false-positives in the assessment report that is manually written for each customer.

In comparison to other vendors, ImmuniWeb provides a personalized action-based solution fix for every detected security vulnerability and weakness. ImmuniWeb’s efficiency outperforms the competition, while its simplicity allows even non-technical people to order and schedule a manual website penetration test in five minutes. ImmuniWeb has been adopted as part of the UN International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) toolset for ensuring that the governmental websites of ITU Member States are secure. ImmuniWeb is also certified as CVE and CWE compatible.

High-Tech Bridge has also launched a free consulting service that helps clients to select the most appropriate ImmuniWeb package for a website. Experienced web penetration testers will carefully examine a website or web application and recommend the most appropriateImmuniWeb package for it. Users need only to input their website URL and contact details into secure web form.

Ilia Kolochenko, High-Tech Bridge’s CEO and Chief Architect of ImmuniWeb, comments: “We are constantly improving ImmuniWeb and now we are offering multi-user access to satisfy our corporate clients demand. We are grateful to all the clients and partners that have helped make ImmuniWeb better by suggesting new ideas and functionality. Our strategy is to create a perfect web security assessment service meets expectations of all customers regardless their size, location, and budget.”

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