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Importance of discipline

    The word ‘’Discipline’’ comes  from the word “Disciple’’ meaning a leaner. It also means tearing to obey certain rules. Without it, there will be complete disorder and chaos.

       What is discipline?

                        Discipline is following orders of our elders, superiors officers, teachers and parents. An army cannot win a battle if the soldiers do not obey the orders of the commander.  It also is the training of the mind and character which also leads to orderly behaviour. The absent of discipline might lead to disorder or chaos in the society. There is a need of discipline in our society, in our homes, and most importantly to developed in our self. As we can see in our everyday life we might meet different people and we can clearly say if that person is well developed in discipline or disorder in discipline. A person with discipline manner will be punctual for every work that he or she has to attend whereas the non-discipline person won’t even care. Discipline is good  to practice from childhood, as being a student we have to practice discipline in the school because the teachers  cannot properly teach or manage the class if the students are not discipline. Discipline is also necessary in a man’s individual life. Without self discipline a man can never shine succeed in life.  A nation cannot rise , if the people  do not know the value of discipline. People must follow their leaders , if people go on according to their own wishes, there cannot be any order and no useful work can be done by them.

                        Being discipline or to be in the state of discipline puts a person in a high level where as a person is being respected be it a child or a normal person, because a person with good discipline is a person with good manners in all ways. Therefor, as parents they should teach their children to be discipline by showing them by good example. As  a student to be discipline we have to do our duty that were suppose to do and obey or respect our elders , reaching to school on time and sit properly in class.

                      To sum up everything we must practice discipline in everyday life and make it a practice.

By: Mary AssumptaWriang

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