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Importance of Mentor in Building a Vibrant Career

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.”

Believe in yourself is a phrase we have commonly used both for others as well as ourselves but in reality, it is only through an understanding and empathetic mentor do we actually start believing in ourselves and realise the extensive opportunities available to us. It is through a mentor who is there for us in our success and failure, to light the path to success and expose us to magnificent contingencies. This mentor can be anyone, your mother, father, brother, sister, friend, teacher, anybody who is an experienced person and knows you to a great extent. They become the torch bearers of your life and help you to navigate through life and challenges to help you build a vibrant career.

So, let’s start by understanding what is mentoring? Mentoring is a meaningful commitment formalised by the relationship shared by a mentor and a mentee. Traditionally used as a technique to divulge personal, social and spiritual values to young, mentoring took the shape of apprenticeship where young people learnt some skills by shadowing an experienced artisan. Over time, this concept got transformed into various shapes and forms and finally, it led to the creation of the 21st Century concept of mentoring that basically refers to instilling of the developmental changes in the mentee through a gradual process. However, the upcoming form of mentorship aims at helping mentees with the acquisition of technical as well as interpersonal skills required to build a solid foundation in the staff in an organisation.

But if we talk about mentorship as a whole, the main aim of this process is to establish a relationship that leads to a fruitful exchange of knowledge and the formation of discourse which eventually enlivens the career of a mentee.

To understand how mentorship helps, have a look at some of the benefits of having a mentor  by your side:

  • The mentor helps you realise your career objective for resume by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. Using a casual but professional approach while employing his expertise, he helps you to explore your innate talents that are likely to become your plus points in your career.
  • The mentor, as a good career development strategist analyzes your interests by taking your psychometric test and steers your interests accordingly to help you build a career on them.
  • With the help of a mentor, you learn to look within yourself and with quiet introspection, understand what is it that you want. And trust me, half the battle is won if you know what you want and start working towards it.
  • He becomes your confidante, your go-to person. So, you confide in him whenever you doubt yourself.
  • Identifying your source of motivation is of paramount value. To realise your drive enables you to do things, to go to places and instrumentalise your dreams and aspirations. So, whenever you embark on a journey, you must realise the reason for doing it and how would that impact your life.
  • In times of need, this understanding of your goals would become a source of inspiration, help you in resolving the problem at hand, and assist you in gathering yourself up and start working.
  • As a career guide, a mentor makes you feel confident and acts as an eye-opener in certain cases so that you move fervently in the direction of your dreams.
  • So, at all stages of your life, having a mentor as the guiding spirit, you can navigate through the tough tides and, prop ashore.

So, if you want to achieve significant heights and become the master of your own fate, mentorship plays a significant role. Whether choosing a program to study, learning a new skill or wanting an insight into any new thing, a mentor is a person who is the driving force to keep you motivated and give your career a direction. The role of a mentor cannot be undermined as history is witness to what having a mentor as Socrates did to Plato. So, if you also want to leave a mark and become an intricate part of history, then, find a mentor who can channelise your energy and talent help you build a vibrant career.

There is no ‘I’ in a Team

Corporate world is all about soft skills. Knowledge and working capability has taken the backseat in the corporate world. The employers are now much more attracted towards people who have better soft skills. Let us take an example, a person who is very knowledgeable about his subject but likes isolation, can’t mix up with people and is proud about his capabilities. There is another person who is fun loving and sincere at the same time. He knows to balance work and social life. Gets along easily with anyone and is great when comes to working as a team. Who do you think would be more attractive to a recruiter? Of course, the later person would be much more attractive. It is believed that a person could be taught what they require to do if they are willing to learn but if a person is stubborn and thinks he knows the best then it is difficult for a company to train these people and shape them according to their requirement. Team worker is a point that can be highlighted in a career objective sample and supported with an example to make your resume more attractive to the recruiter.

If we see most leaders and listen or read to their interviews, one would hardly find them talking about ‘I’. The people who are leaders are not trained to say ‘We’ while addressing themselves. This is a habit that they have cultivated and this is their thought process that is reflected in their words. They don’t think about ‘I’, they don’t think that success can be achieved just with ‘I’ in a company. They know the fact that great heights can be reached and success can be achieved only when the company stands together as a team. Starting from the gatekeeper and the sweeper in he office to the senior executive, everyone has to stand together and work as a team if they want to see their company achieving success.

The goals of the employees of the company and the company should be aligned. The actions of an individual should be serving the interest of the company and the individual as well and not only the individual. When the goals of both are same then the growth would be coming to both the company and the individual. While hiring an employee and while applying to a company, both must check whether their goals are aligned or not. The job roles should be taken well not of by the employee. Many a times it happens that the employees get attracted towards a company when they think that the name of the company is esteemed and that would be a great boost to their resume. But what they forget is that in a job, the job description plays an important role. The employees must be more concerned about their job role because that’s what matters more. Employees, while thinking about growth must be concerned about the growth of the company, team and him as a whole. Giving utmost importance to the largest one first and the smallest one last.

One of the great qualities of a leader is to provide positive knowledge and work in the interest of the followers. They hardly focus on the needs of themselves and work more to fulfil the needs of the company and their team mates. It is often said that there is no ‘I’ in the word ‘TEAM’. This might be an old saying but it is extremely true. When one needs to work in a team, he must not be selfish and think about his needs and growth prospective above others. This is same for each and every member of the group. When one starts thinking about self-benefit and self-growth, company growth objectives fall behind which is extremely negative for a company’s welfare. Only when a company, a team grows an individual working in that company or team grows. He is open to new possibilities, experiences and contacts by which he can further grow in his career. A leader should have a vision in life and he should be caring about the growth of his team members as well. Working in team is a quality that should be possessed by all.

Why the Hotel Sector is growing so Fast

With the constant increase in the economy and income with the substantial increase in the large section of the middle class population in India the hospitality industries have seen a high rise growth and are contributing in the country’s GDP in an enormous way. It is expected, according to a report, that by the end the next financial year, the growth in this sector will be almost doubled. Because of its wide range of activities, this sector incorporates lot of job opportunities and thus, directly or indirectly has become a major contributor in the country’s economy by providing jobs to millions and millions of its people. And naturally this industry has been a bee hive to the investors and attracts foreign direct investments (FDI) inflow. As an important member of the net foreign exchange earners category it has contributed immensely to the economy of the country through the indirect revenues collections like service taxes and entertainment taxes both at the central and state level.

Although the growth in the hospitality and service sector will continue to increase and its contribution to the country’s growth in the economy will run high in the years to come because of the huge potential in the tourism sector, but being the most heavily taxed industries this hospitality sector had been getting ravaged by the multilayer taxations. This irreverent procedure of taxation had naturally contributed to the additional burden of higher operational costs which directly or indirectly come over the profitability reductions. Now that the of Goods and Service Taxes (GST) has almost come a boon to this industry and is expected to create a positive change in the taxation system by  rationalizing its tax structure to augment the myth of ease of doing business and thereby minimize the cost to the consumers. This would help the industries to grow faster and attract more and more foreign investments. This sector is combination of or made up of the following sub sectors:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs and bars including night clubs
  • Membership clubs
  • Travel services
  • Food and service providers
  • Youth hostels
  • Holiday parks
  • Self catering accommodation and also
  • Hospitality services

Besides these above classification of travel tourism and hospitality there is a massive diversity in the types of jobs in the industry in accordance with the education and skills and technicalities. In addition to generation of revenues, tourism sector can stimulate the economy by creating plenty of job opportunities. Taking the enormous nature of job potentialities in the industry, Hotel Management is an important option for employability.

Development of infrastructure is the answer to the expansion and growth of the hotel industries. Taxes separately on real estate sector will definitely curtail the rapidity of its accessories. To enhance the investments the government should ease out the taxation process so that this industry can flourish rapidly taking the tourism sector along. As an impetus to the tourism and hospitality industry to grow faster in India, government should and must bring some relief to incentivize the investment opportunity in the luxury projects. By putting some attracting scheme to incentivize the realtor industries like exemption of service tax or some tax holidays for new projects and development, they can attract more and more investment opportunities in this hospitality sector. The Government should consider reducing the proposed new tax slab of 18% in the GST establishment for this service industry and thus can have boom in the investment opportunities.

The hospitality industry relies on some more important industries like transportation and communication and aviation and roadways. There is reciprocity and interlinking of all these industries. Without streamlining the growth and development of all these industries simultaneously, growth along in the hospitality sector is impossible to expect. Therefore, an all-round development measures should be taken to give a face-lift to the hospitality industry.

Hospitality sector has immense power and potential to be the important contributor to revamp the economy of the country. And this can be achieved only by putting some definite help and support with reasonable incentives in all categories of hotels industries including its luxury segments by the government to make it most competitive and world class to motivate its growth to make India its favourite destination.

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