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In Review : Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Cream

I heard about this magical Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Cream from my friends, and how it is perfect for removing the unwanted hair from legs, hands, underarms as well as the bikini line without any pain. Actually, a lot of people are totally raving about it, so I decided to try it myself and it was really perfect.

What really encouraged me to try this cream removal is that Astraberry is pioneer in the field of certified natural products, since it offers a wide range of products that are trusted by users, tested by professionals, and have a good smell. Actually, I really like the smell of its products.

I always look for products of high quality organic ingredients which will naturally heal and sooth my skin, and this cream removal is made by reliable and effective Ayurvedic and Scientific preparation techniques. It also contains my favourite component which is Aloe Vera extracts that gives a soft and glowing skin. This is suitable for all skin types especially the dry skin like mine.

How I used Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Cream:

  1. I spread the cream generously and evenly using the spatula over my skin, and I made sure to cover all unwanted hair properly.

  1. I left the cream on the area for 7 to 10 minutes then I wiped it off with damp cloth or cotton wool.

  1. Finally, I washed the area with warm water without any soap then dry with a soft towel.

 The result was fantastic, there is no hair at all, and my skin is so smooth and silky.

I was looking for a long time to find a herbal depilatory cream which removes unwanted body hair and delays regrowth at the same time, and this is what I have noticed in Astraberry diamond hair remover.

This cream really worked for me, it cost 75rs only and I buy it online. Therefore, it is a good purchase and worth my money, since then I always keep one of them in my closet, and you have to do the same.



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