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Increase your Odds of Getting Pregnant with these Tips

The state of inability to conceive is generally contributed by several factors which mainly include the lifestyle factors, increasing age and mounting stress levels. This inability to reproduce has been a rising problem in today’s times because of the decreased chances of getting pregnant.

While the process of infertility is not only affected by what the mothers does. It is a consequence of the lifestyle factors of both the parents equally and distinctively. Therefore, it is very significant for both the expecting parents to take care of their health and lifestyle as these shall certainly escalate the chances of getting pregnant.

Following are the advices which undeniably increase the probabilities of getting pregnant for the intending parents:

  1. Must Consume Vitamins and Minerals: It is essential to indulge yourself with foods that contain abundant amounts of vitamins and minerals while you are trying to get pregnant. The dearth of minerals experience poor egg quality and even have problems in proper ovulation whereas, people with vitamin deficiency, undergo some major hormonal imbalances. Therefore, it is imperative to have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Also, there are some vitamins that increase hormone levels and helps defends the eggs and sperms from free-radical damage.
  1. Workout is Necessary: It is essential to make exercising or physical activity an important and an important part of your daily routine. Regular workouts have innumerable benefits and help you fight several ailments like PCOS and obesity, which can be important factors obstructing your fertility levels. However, brisk walking, light cardio and yoga are also effective preferences for exercise. One must dedicate atleast 35 minutes to an hour daily for light workouts.
  1. Cut Down the Habit of Smoking: The habitof smoking obstructs and hampers the proper functioning of the body. As severe and disturbing can the concern be raised to the people who smoke, passive smoking can also be a serious issue. Most of us don’t know about the fact, but smoking is harmful to health and also for our fertility levels. It touches and drops the quality of the egg while it is also a contributor to the low birth weight of the babies. Smoking also has an adverse consequence on the ovaries of women. It also leaves the quality and quantity of the sperms affected.
  1. Manage Stress Levels: It is really important to cosset into activities that make you and your spouse feel better, soother and content. Pamper yourself and go in for shopping, movies and even long drives. Stressful lives really hinder the process of fertility and it is important to relieve yourselves from it. Stress intervenes in the menstrual cycles of the women and obstructs the sperm production in men.
  1. Ditch using Lubricants:There are some lubricants that can impede the sperm from reaching the egg. Try and avoid using lubricants while you indulge in intercourse to speed up and ease the intercourse.

If not these, then what?

If you are unable to conceive through a natural way like these, one should opt a very effective way of IVF which is experiencing greater success rates with each passing day. This Assisted Reproductive Technique helps infertile couples to conceive.

BY: Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF Expert, International Fertility Centre

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