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Increase your Phone Memory by Clearing out Unknown Numbers

It seems like everyone holds on to the phone numbers from unknown callers. Some of these may even come with a voicemail that gives little information. Some callers leave vague voicemails in hopes that you will call back to find out what is going on. This may end up being someone you do not want to talk to, like a bill collector. If you receive many unknown calls a day, your phone memory may suffer. You may be holding on to the numbers thinking you are missing out on something important. You can find out if the calls are important by using a reverse phone lookup service.

Make a List

If the unknown calls have been going on for a long time, you may have a long list of numbers. Go through your phone and write down a list of all the questionable numbers you have. This can also help you to recognize similarities. Sometimes bill collectors call from several different similar numbers to get you to pick up the phone. They may also use a number with your own area code to make you think it is a person from your city. Once the list is complete, open a reverse phone lookup site and get started entering each number. Once you decide what to do with each number, you can erase them from your phone’s memory.

Understanding the Results

You may not always get definitive results. Sometimes a person’s name or the name of a business will be identified. If a telemarketer or bill collector is good at hiding, however, you may get a vague description of the call. These, however, can be very helpful. The results may determine that the call is simply a personal number or a business number. You may feel comfortable calling the number back if it shows a low risk of spam. When very little information is available, you may get a message telling you if there is a low or high risk of this being a spam number.

Make a Decision

You need to make a decision about the phone number so you can erase it. Many times, people hold on to numbers because they cannot decide what to do. You need to call the number or block it. If you find out the number is from someone you need to talk to, call it back. This may be a person you know or a business you owe money to. Sometimes a simple call to make arrangements can stop the numerous bill collector calls.

If you do not feel comfortable with the mystery caller, get the legitimate numbers from your credit card statement, paper bill, or the official website. You can then call the company in a safer way. Telemarketers may get your number when you do a web search, or the call may be random. If you find out this is the case, you can feel confident about blocking the number.

It can be frustrating when you get a warning on your phone that your memory is almost full. You may try to take a picture and it does not work, for example. Saved numbers, messages, and texts take up more space than you realize. Use a reverse phone lookup to make a final decision about the numbers you have been saving.

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