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Increased risk of asteroid impact, say Czech scientists

Czech scientists have said that the risk of a large size asteroid hitting earth is growing with every passing year. The Czech scientists made their claim after analyzing 144 asteroid fireballs from a meteor shower that occurred recently. The scientists studied the Taurid meteor shower and noticed that its activity had increased significantly in 2015. The scientists found out that this increase in activity was due to a well-defined orbital structure. It has been revealed that a new branch of Taurids has a minimum of two asteroids measuring around 200-300 meters. With the threat of these new asteroids, combined with the others that exist in space, the overall risk of an asteroid impact has increased, the scientists said.

It may be recalled that the Taurid meteoroid stream causes around 4 meteor showers on Earth every year. Two of these occur between the period from end of September until beginning of December, whereas the other two occur from end of May to the middle of July. “We performed careful analysis of 144 Taurid fireballs observed by new digital autonomous fireball observatories of the European Fireball Network displaced over Czech Republic at 13 stations, Austria and Slovakia in 2015, when the activity was enhanced,” researchers said.

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