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India-based content startup gears up fully with its US-centric content

newspatrolling is one of the leading content based news startup in India. This news site has expanded its reach and readership exponentially in the past couple of years. The traffic on the website has been booming, with viewership across countries like Russia, Colombo, London, etc. apart from India. This cross-border readership is mainly because of the variety of content that files, as well as region specific news from various parts of the world. Hence, it offers content for anyone and everyone irrespective of age, or region.

As per recent study of the website traffic witnessed on, the news site has been getting close to 30%-40% visitors from the United States, and this figure is growing gradually. This has been mainly because of the US-based news widely covered by lately.

sonia bansal cofounder of Newspatrolling.comSpeaking on the occasion, Mrs Sonia Bansal, Co-Founder and Marketing Head, said “US has had been a critical market for us since the beginning. But recently it has become an extremely important market because of the business we are generating from there, be it branding assignments, buzz creations, etc. We are delighted to see that we have now become more of an international player within a small span of time.

He further added “We will continue to generate especially-curated content for our US-based readers and focusing on their news intake preference and patterns.” has been receiving high number of unique visitors on its site, and the senior management team is studying all the visitor’s insights in detail, with respect to demography, age, category, etc. The news site believes that with detailed study about its audiences and their preferences, they would be able to serve them better and even expand the readership.

About is a leading Indian news website, now serving international markets as well. With variation in content and reporting from abroad, has gradually become an international news site. The sectors that it covers include Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Lifestyle, Automobile, Technology, and much more. Moreover, after coming here, you can also catch impressive videos, stunning images of various film personalities, and much more. This site is especially for the audience or readers which have genuine interest in India’s news media, as well as a nose for news about the global happenings and developments.

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