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India Becomes World’s Largest Arms Importer: SIPRI

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) released a report claiming India as the world’s largest importer of major arms in the last five years.

India arms imports

The overseas procurement by India was higher than that of China and Pakistan.

SIPRI claimed that India imported around 13 per cent of the total global arms supplies between the period of 2012 and 2016.

The report also claimed that India has been hugely dependent on Russia, the US, Europe, Israel and South Korea for weapons and arms technology.

SIPRI also said that Indian arm imports have increased by 43 per cent between the period of 2007-11 and 2012-16.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar were the other major importers of arms with an increase of 212 and 245 per cent respectively for the period of 2012-16 compared with 2007-11.

Russia exported 23 per cent of global arms exports during the period of 2012-16. India, Vietnam, China and Algeria were the main importers of Russian arms.

The United States of America exported around 33 per cent of global arms exports during the period of  2012-16.

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