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India-China war likely; America to support India, says Meghnad Desai

India-born UK economist and politician Meghnad Desai has said that a full-scale war may soon take place between India and China. He said that the current military standoff in Doklam would be the trigger to the war between India and China. Desai’s words seem true since Chinese media has also been continuously warning India about starting a war. China has even said that it would carry out a small attack in Doklam to push back Indian troops stationed at the border. China said that it will inform the Indian government before it launches its operation. However, history is witness that all wars have been triggered through small skirmishes and it may be again the case with India and China confrontation at Doklam.

Desai is a member of the British House of Lords, which is equivalent to India’s Rajya Sabha. He is also considered an expert on South Asian affairs. Desai said that the war between India and China would be fought in multiple theaters and it is expected that America will support India in the fight. Desai said that the chance of finding a diplomatic solution is decreasing with every passing day and the only solution left would be military intervention. He said that the war between India and China could start within a month and it would be uncontrollable. Desai said that India’s efforts to form military ties with other countries would prove helpful in case of a full-scale war between India and China.

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