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India now much healthier: Survey

Data gathered, as part of the fourth phase of National Family Health Survey, has revealed that the country’s health indicators have improved significantly in the last decade. The improved health is marked by a decline in infant mortality rate, improved sex ratio, wider vaccine coverage and increased institutional deliveries. A positive change has also been noticed in the population rate of the country. “The results show that if we invest and design good programs in health, results will follow,” health secretary C K Mishra said.

One major improvement was witnessed in the sex ratio in the State of Haryana. During the last survey, a decade back, the sex ratio in Haryana was 762 females to 1000 males. However, in the phase four survey in 2014-15, the sex ratio has improved to 836 females for every 1000 males.

The country’s fertility rate has also shown improvement, declining from 2.7 earlier to 2.2 now. It is expected that the fertility rate will reach the desired 2.1, the replacement level, in the coming years. The infant mortality rate has also improved, coming down to 41 per 1,000 live births, as compared to 57 earlier. Institutional births have improved from 38.7% to 78.9%. Immunization coverage has improved from 44% to 70%.

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