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India- Pakistan Hockey at its Best and Worst

The recent champions trophy final between India and Pakistan saw a fierce battle on the field, but what got more attention was the post-match celebration by the Pakistani players. The game was tied 3-3 with just 2 minutes to go. Pakistani players went inside the Indian Half and with just 1 minute to go on the clock it was curtains for India.

Two Pakistani Players Amjad Ali and Mohammad Tousiq were found making obscene gestures towards the indian spectators following their win against the hosts in semi-finals. Amjad and Tousiq were guilty of using their middle finger for making gestures which are not publically accepted, both the players were banned from playing the final game against Germany. The duo has accepted the breach of conduct which falls under Level 1 in FIH rules and is bound to attract a 1 match ban. Pakistani eventually lost the final game against Germany 2-0 to win the silver medal. 

Post loss against Germany in the finals Pakistani Coach Shahnaz Sheikh and captain Muhammad Imran arrived for an on-pitch media briefing holding red roses in their hand. Coach Shehnaz Sheikh said and I quote ” We have already said sorry for what happened after the match against India and now we are here to present you this red rose, Let’s talk about the match. I and the Pakistan Hockey Federation have already given a written apology and the players have been suspended by the FIH”

Indian captain sardar singh took a higher note and was said “”It doesn’t look good because many families came to watch the match. Their celebration after the win was not appropriate. They deserved to win. Congratulations to them, but the way they celebrated by opening their shirt and making indecent gestures was not right. It sends a wrong message.” 

By: Manu Arora

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