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India-Pakistan to meet in US to resolve Indus river issue

The respective governments in India and Pakistan have agreed to hold secretary-level talks regarding the Indus river issue. The issue relates to the sharing of water of Indus River and the construction of hydropower projects on the river. On their own, India and Pakistan were both reticent to talks about the issue, but the opportunity came when the United States government convinced both the countries to resume talks. The talks will cover all the unresolved issues related to Indus river water sharing as well as the two hydropower projects. One of the projects is the 300-megawatt Kishanganga project whereas the second one is the 850-MW Ratle project, which is currently under construction.

Pakistan has lauded India’s decision to take part in the discussions that will be held in Washington in April. Speaking on the development, Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Power and Khawaja Asif said, “It is a happy augury that of late India has come back to the dialogue table at the Commission level to re-launch the process of peaceful talks. We welcome this decision of India, which has dispatched the Commission to Pakistan for holding two-day parleys.”

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