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India protests against Jadhav’s death sentence; stops release of 12 Pakistani prisoners

In a strong protest against Pakistan’s decision to order the death sentence for Kulbushan Jadhav, the Indian government has decided that it will stop the release of 12 Pakistani prisoners. These Pakistani prisoners were to be repatriated this week. The repatriation was to be done as per a mutual agreement signed in 2008, which allows for the release of such prisoners after they have served their sentences. The Indian government has taken the decision to stop the repatriation of Pakistani prisoners after the death sentence to Jadhav was approved by Pakistan army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa.

Who is Kulbushan Jadhav?

Pakistan alleges that Kulbushan Jadhav is an Indian spy working for the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Pakistani authorities claim that they arrested Jadhav on March 3, 2016 in Balochistan’s Chaman area on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Pakistani authorities have also provided a passport, which they claim belongs to Jadhav and it has a different name Hussein Mubarak Patel mentioned on it. Indian government has denied these charges and said that Jadhav may have been kidnapped from Iran, where he was running his business after early retirement from Navy. It is being suspected that Jadhav was sold off to Pakistan by the Taliban.

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