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India sends more troops to Doka La in standoff with China

To strengthen its position in Doka La, India has sent more troops to the area amid rising tension with China. China claims the area as its own, but this has been denied by India. Even Bhutan government has denied China’s claim over Doka La. It may be recalled that Doka La lies at the tri-junction of India, Bhutan and China. India’s decision to increase its troops in the area came after China started using strong-arm tactics to lay claim to the area. China took an aggressive stand against India’s position in Doka La and destroyed two of its bunkers. This prompted India to increase troops in the area.

India had built the bunkers in the area in 2012 to maintain security in the region. However, China warned India about the bunkers and said that it had to be removed. While earlier, China used to make requests, it took an aggressive stand on June 6, when it brought two bulldozers and destroyed the bunkers. While bulldozing the bunkers, China said that the territory belonged to China and no other army had the right to build bunkers in its area. At the time of destroying the bunkers, Chinese army had also tried to invade further into Indian territory, but they were stopped by Indian Army.

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