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Indian Air Force Could Have Destroyed Pakistan’s Nuclear Facilities in 1984: CIA

The Central Investigation Agency (CIA), a top-notch spy agency of the US has claimed that Indian Air Force (IAF) could have inflicted major damage on Pakistan’s nuclear facilities in 1984. A secret document of CIA files claims that this attack was a possibility in 1984.

The CIA did a secret intelligence assessment of the capabilities of Indian forces and reveled this information. The document claims that “after the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, IAF could “destroy or sufficiently damage the facilities to prevent Islamabad from producing nuclear weapons for several years.”

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The document also reveals that poor command, control and communication system could have been the reason of the failure of Pakistani government in protecting their nuclear arsenal. It also said that IAF had the power of speed and surprise which are the critical requirement of successful attack.

The document also states the location of nuclear facility of Pakistan which were the Kahuta Enrichment Plant and PINSTECH-New Laboratories facility. These are almost 30 minutes away by a IAF fighter of India. It says that IAF was far better and larger than Pakistan during 1984. It expected that India will use the MIg-23s and its Jaguar aircraft to attack Pakistan and destroy the nuclear facilities during 1984.

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