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Indian Army attacks Naga insurgents; inflicts major causalities

Taking action against the enemies of the country, the Indian Army carried out a major attack on the Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland or NSCN(K) at the Myanmar border. Reports indicate the Indian Army has inflicted major damage to the NSCN(K). An official statement issued by the Army said that the Indian Army has inflicted major damage to the NSCN(K) cadre. It has also been reported that the Indian armed forces have not experienced any major casualties. Army officials said that the Indian Army was on regular patrol along the India-Myanmar border when some insurgents started firing at them. The Indian troops reacted quickly and started firing in retaliation. The insurgents could not take the heavy fire from the Indian Army and fled the spot.

To avoid any regional disputes, the Army has clarified that they have not crossed the international border while carrying out the anti-insurgent operation. The Army also clarified that this was not a surgical strike. Earlier reports that mentioned causalities suffered by Indian Army has also been refuted in the official statement issued by the Indian Army. The incident goes on to show that India is fighting multiple battles at its borders, even when political parties in the country are just interested in belittling each other. The credit shall go to the Indian Army that has consistently risked their lives to protect the borders of the country and its people.

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