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Indian Army destroys Pakistani bunkers in punitive firing; releases video

In an effort to stop terrorists from entering the country, the Indian Army has taken punitive action and destroyed Pakistani border posts and bunkers. These installations are used by terrorists to rest and recuperate on their long journey from Pakistan to India. The Indian Army has also released a video footage of the bombarding of Pakistani bunkers. The video shows a Pakistani bunker located amidst thick foliage on a steep mountain side. Soon, artillery shells fired by Indian Army land on this post, completely destroying it.

The punitive strike comes in the wake of the killing and mutilation of 2 Indian Army soldiers three weeks back. At that time, the Indian Army had said that it will take appropriate action at the right time. Speaking about the development, Major General Ashok Narula said that the action was taken to reduce the number of terrorists entering into the country. He said that such measures would discourage local youths to take up arms. Narula pointed out that Pakistan has been providing constant support to terrorists in helping them cross the border into India. Narula further said that terrorist activity is likely to increase in the coming months with the melting of snow and opening of passes.

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