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Indian Army gets ready for a long haul in Doklam with tents and supplies

With the Indian Army installing tents and readying the supply line, it appears that it is slated for a long haul in the Doklam area, which is located near the Bhutan tri-junction. Indian Army’s tough maneuvers appear unshakable even as China continues to fire up its rhetoric against India, demanding the retreat of Indian Army. The tents installed by the Indian Army are an indication that the standoff is unlikely to end anytime soon in the area that lies at an altitude of around 10,000 feet.

The supply lines have also been established to help the troops maintain constant vigil and tackle any new development or aggression from the Chinese side. However, Indian Army officials are also hopeful that a diplomatic solution will soon be found. The hopes arise from the fact that most of the past border skirmishes with China have been resolved through dialogue and diplomacy. India and China have a mechanism to resolve border issues and this has worked well so far, but the recent deadlock in Doklam is turning out to be an altogether different story.

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