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Indian Chinese socialite Joanne Lee crowned as Ms. Queen Universe Elegance 2019

Madhu Alias Joanne Lee is a Chinese Indian girl with a successful career in entrepreneurship. Joanne has been recently crowned with the title Ms. Queen Universe Elegance 2019 in the grand finale of MIHM Ms. Queen Universe pageant in Gurgaon.

The pageant took place on 18th June 2019 at The Bristol, Gurgaon. A full house was on hand to celebrate MIHMMs. Queen Universe, with past titleholders in attendance for a special reunion.

MIHM Ms. Queen Universe is founded by Ms.Naaz Joshi, 2 times winner of Ms. World Diversity 2017 & 2018

Competing with 46 participants across India, representing the various states of the country where Ms.Madhu (Joanne Lee) from New Delhi was crowned as Ms. Queen Universe Elegance 2019 in the grand finale in Gurgaon.

Contestants had to participate in various rounds of fitness, talent, personal Interview, an ethnic and western attire fashion show which helped the judges to select the winner.

Madhu alias Joanne Lee is a Chinese Indian, born and brought up in New Delhi.  She is an entrepreneur, into Training and Development of students in academic institutions, schools, colleges, universities, and corporates under “Skill Clout”Her association with various NGOs and CSR projects enables her to conduct seminars and training on employability skills, digital literacy, health and hygiene, POSH, etc. A motivational speaker and an image plus fashion consultant for many aspiring and ambitious minds.

From a workaholic entrepreneur to Ms. Delhi Elegance and finally MIHM Ms. Queen Universe Elegance 2019, the journey was quite a roller coaster, Says Joanne. She described the competition though fierce, was a positive and welcoming experience.

Being an introvert, she was not confident and sure of the decision to participate in such a big platform. However, her will to challenge herself has won her the national title.

After winning the title, Joanne also mentioned that, the title will empower her mission to spread awareness amongst the youth and women. Guiding, mentoring and building confidence in them to be resourceful, independent and goal-oriented. Encouraging literacy and awareness to decrease unemployment.

She believes that there is good in every bad experience, there is no dream which is impossible to achieve and there is no challenge that is not worth taking. With this belief, she will explore the new arena of the glitz world.

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