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Indian hostages rescued by Somalia’s military; all crew members safe

In a relief to families of Indian crew members who were hijacked last week by Somali pirates, all eight Indian sailors have been rescued by Somalia’s military. The crew members were being held as hostages and the pirates were planning to exchange them for ransom, something that is the usual modus operandi used by pirates. Somalia’s military raided the premises where the sailors were being kept as hostages and freed all of them. They also arrested 4 pirates during the raid. The sailors revealed that they were made to walk long distances in the bush to avoid detection by Somalia’s army. Although safe, the sailors looked exhausted and hungry due to their long ordeal.

It may be recalled that piracy off Somalia’s coast has again started gaining momentum in recent times. Earlier, due to an international effort, piracy was significantly reduced along the international shipping routes. In March, the Somali pirates had hijacked a large oil tanker named Aris. Experts say that the weak government in Somalia is one of the main reasons for the reemergence of piracy along Somalia’s coast.

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