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Indian Navy brings relief to distressed Chinese yacht mid-sea

When stranded in the vast oceans, people just want some help, irrespective of whether it comes from a friend or foe. In one such incident, an Indian Navy vessel has come to the rescue of a Chinese yacht that was stuck mid-sea. The Indian naval stealth frigate, INS Teg, was on its routine anti-piracy petrol in the Gulf of Aden when it came across a visual distress signal. The distress signal was raised by a Chinese sailing yacht, approximately 400 km South West of Salalah. The Chinese yacht was on its journey from Colombo to Djibouti.


Upon inspection, the Indian navy personnel found out that the yacht had suffered total power failure, due to which it was unable to move forward or call for help over radio. It did not even have a functioning power backup system. This is why it had to call for help via a visual distress signal. The staff on INS Teg provided assistance to the Chinese yacht by restoring its power supply and giving 10 days’ supply (rations and water). It was a good example of human cooperation, something that is expected from all ships and boats traversing the vast oceans.

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