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Indian-origin girl proves more intelligent that Einstein, Hawking in Mensa IQ test

12-year old Rajgauri Pawar has proved that India has some of the best brains in the world. She took the British Mensa IQ test and scored an astounding 162, which is even more than what Einstein is thought to have and Stephen Hawking whose IQ was 160. With 162 points, Rajgauri has now become a part of the elite British Mensa organization, which has the high IQ talents across the globe, as its members. Rajgauri said that she is feeling on top of the world and it’s difficult for her to describe her happiness in words. She also said that it was an honor for her to represent India on an international platform and register such a significant achievement.

Rajgauri’s father, Dr. Surajkumar Pawar, works as a research scientist at the University of Manchester. He originally belongs to Baramati in Maharashtra. He too was immensely elated at the significant achievement of her daughter. He said that there are only around 20,000 such individuals in the world and out of these, 1,500 are children. Pawar said that her daughter has made it to the top 1%, which has made her one of the youngest to register such an achievement. Rajgauri said that she was nervous, just like any other kid, before the IQ test, but now that she has scored amongst the top, it feels really good. She said that she would be interested in pursuing medicine in the future, although she also has interests in physics, astronomy and environment. In sports, she said she likes swimming, netball and chess.

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